Crystal Silicone Vibrator

Katie Enriquez 01.10.2021 (5:50pm PST) –

I personally love that this toy has a unicorn horn look super cute but I feel like the rubber/silicone piece is too thick it takes away the strength of the vibration. With That Being Said! You can remove the rubber/silicone area of the toy leaving a harder interior that holds a strong vibration. Since I am a big fan of vibration it’s great for me. But if you are looking for a strong vibration and penetration it might not be the best for you.

Texture – 3 of 5 The outer layer is silicone jacket. But it can be removed.
Vibration Strength – 3 of 5
Battery Duration – 3 of 5 – AAA batteries
Affordability – 5 of 5 For the price this toy is amazing.
Size/Penetration – 3 of 5 I’m not big on penetration. So the size is decent. I might be able to do without.

Jollies Score – 3/3/3/5/3 = 17 of 25 (Vibration and Penetration)

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