Orange Color Mini Wand Massager

Keisha English (01/14/2021 01:21pm PST) –

The size of this thing actually surprises me with the vibration. But, compared to the larger toys and wands the vibration can leave you wanting more. But for the price of this toy, it is amazing. It gets the job done quickly, and you might need a nap afterwards if your not up for another turn. This is a great sneaking toy.

Texture – 3 of 5 – Little Plastic Wand Keychain. Vibration is awesome for size.

Vibration Strength – 3 of 5 – For the size this thing is 5 of 5, but compared to other toys it is 3 of 5.

Battery Duration – 3 of 5 – (2 x LR44) Watch Batteries.

Affordability – 5 of 5 – For the price this toy is amazing.

Sneak Play – 5 of 5 – This product is tiny, but carries a giant punch.

Jollies Score – 3/3/3/5/5 = 19 of 25 (Vibration, SneakPlay)

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